Gay Londoners get free chance to try Olympic sports

LGBT sports groups are to build on the Olympic legacy with a week-long series of taster sessions

Gay Londoners get free chance to try Olympic sports
13 August 2012

Gay, bisexual and trans Londoners who have been inspired by the Olympics in their city can now try some of the sports for themselves.

Out for Sport London is offering taster sessions in 22 different sports from tomorrow (14 August) to Sunday (19 August).

From kickboxing to ballroom dancing, there’s a big range on offer and all for free – the LGBT teams involved just want people to dust off their trainers and take part.

Rory Desch, public relations officer at Out for Sport, said: ‘It’s all about getting more people involved in sport. We hope that people will have been inspired by the London Games to do something new.

‘There is a particularly low uptake in LGBT sports clubs of women, so we would really like to see an increase in female participation in all sports.

‘Trying something new can be scary, but all the events are open to all levels and abilities. It’s a really friendly environment, and may even open new doors. Come on down and have a go!’

The week will be rounded off with a big social on Saturday (18 August) when all the sporting clubs will come together.

From football to kickboxing and volleyball to swimming find out more and the venue details here.



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