Gay man attacked on NYC subway while onlookers do nothing

Police have launched a hate crime investigation after six people attacked a gay couple in New York City

Gay man attacked on NYC subway while onlookers do nothing
20 February 2013

A 23-year-old gay man was attacked on a Manhattan subway, as a crowd of onlookers did nothing.

Urena Morel Frankelly and his boyfriend were on a train on 18 February, when a woman took a picture of them eating and her friend called them names.

After the victim asked them why the two was taken a picture, the suspect said ‘Feed your face, faggot,’ the New York Daily News reports.

As an argument erupted, the two women, who were joined by three others plus a man, attacked Frankelly, police said.

His partner tried to intervene, but the victim was repeatedly punched.

Frankelly’s eye was cut, and was swollen shut. He was treated nearby at St Luke’s Hospital.

The pair managed to get off the train at the next stop, and police were called.

‘Everyone was watching — no one helped us. That was a very scary situation for us,’ the partner said.

‘Right now we’d just prefer to be alone.’

No arrests have yet been made, but detectives have launched a hate crime investigation.

The incident follows a video that went viral of a gay man standing up to a homophobic preacher on a New York City subway.



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