Gay man beaten up, loses hearing in Amsterdam attack

Even though the Netherlands is renowned for being legally gay-friendly, the victim believes his attack was 'inevitable'

Gay man beaten up, loses hearing in Amsterdam attack
17 June 2014

A gay man has lost his hearing after being beaten up in Amsterdam.

Ronald, 25, who has asked to be anonymous, was walking with his boyfriend along the canal with his boyfriend on 12.30am on Sunday (15 June).

When four men, roughly in their 20s, spotted the two had their arms around each other they started yelling homophobic slurs.

‘Dirty homos!’ one shouted, ‘Faggot cancer!’ another yelled, as Ronald replied: ‘Thank you, what a lovely compliment.’

He told Het Parool he did not shout back, or yell an insult back, and was therefore surprised when they reacted violently.

One of the attackers then ran up to Ronald, and threatened him.

‘I turned away and was hit on the side of my face, on my jaw and ear. It was so hard that three piercings were beaten out of my ear.’

When Ronald fell on the ground, he was kicked twice, before his attacker ran away with the three others behind him.

Ronald reported the incident to the police, and went to police. Thankfully, after he went to hospital, he was told his injuries were not serious and his hearing would return.

His hearing returned late yesterday evening (16 June).

Police have CCTV images of the culprits and will reveal them to the public if necessary.

While the Netherlands is renowned for being one of the most legally gay-friendly countries in the world, Ronald believes the homophobic attack was inevitable.

‘It had to happen some time,’ he said.

‘Let this then be my time. I have heard so often from friends recently that they have been hit in the city.’



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