Gay man claims affair with Denise Welch

A gay theatre producer claims he had an affair with Loose Women star Denise Welch.

Gay man claims affair with Denise Welch
30 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother winner Denise Welch has been accused of cheating on her husband with a 26-year-old gay man.

Theatre producer Tom Hopkins claims he had a four-month 'relationship' with the Loose Woman after meeting at a wake in a London pub.

He told The Sun newspaper how he shared a taxi with the married mother-of-two.

'She started kissing me and stuff happened,' Hopkins said, despite having been open to her about his sexuality.

'She was basically semi-naked in the taxi. The taxi driver just carried on driving.'

The pair kept in touch, meeting for lunch, speaking on the phone and exchanging text messages.

In one message, shown to The Sun, she wrote: 'I'm your fiancée not your wife!! Maybe we rushed things xxxx'.

He added: 'I remember her saying to someone she could have anyone she wanted, but for some reason she had fallen in love with me.'

Welch's spokesman has denied the allegations.

The former Coronation Street star was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother on Friday, beating both X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza and gay rugby player Gareth Thomas.



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