Gay man elected to Los Angeles City Council

Mike Bonin to replace old boss Bill Rosendahl who was first gay councilman in city history

Gay man elected to Los Angeles City Council
06 March 2013

Openly gay candidate Mike Bonin was elected to the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday (5 March).

He replaces his boss, Bill Rosendahl, who was the first openly gay council member in the city’s history. Rosendahl is retiring after two terms and had endorsed his longtime chief of staff Bonin.

On his campaign website today, Bonin described himself as ‘grateful, relieved and thrilled.’

His win was a decisive one as he garnered 17,566 votes or 61.19%. Candidates need to get more than 50% of the vote in order to avoid a May runoff.

Bonin will represent City Council District 11 which is the Westside of the city. In all, there are 15 districts in the city.

‘Public service is an immense privilege, and representing our neighborhoods on the Los Angeles City Council is a tremendous honor,’ Bonin said in a statement. ‘The grassroots power of our neighborhoods fueled this campaign, and it will keep me focused on improving quality of life, enhancing public safety, combating traffic, protecting the environment, creating jobs, and housing the homeless.’

Bonin might be joined on the council by another gay member in May. Council District 13 candidate Mitch O’Farrell, who is gay, is in a runoff with John Choi.



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