Gay man stoned to death in Nairobi slum

Two gay men were beaten by a mob in Kenya when they were found having sex behind a Catholic Church

Gay man stoned to death in Nairobi slum
09 June 2012

A gay man was stoned to death in a Nairobi slum last month after a mob found him having sex with a colleague.

It was confirmed today (9 June) the two men were beaten by a mob on 19 May when they were caught behind a Catholic Church, described as ‘deserted with bushes and a dumping site’.

One managed to escape after being hit by a large rock in the back, but the other was held down and stoned to death by a baying crowd.

As reported by Identity Kenya, the two men were food vendors in Nairobian slum Kayole and had enjoyed ‘prolonged stares for a month’ before one made the first move.

According to a source who requested anonymity, they said the survivor’s ‘arms are broken and he is coughing blood and has internal bleeding.’

His lover’s corpse was found dumped in the site next to where the two were caught. Local police were called in the morning to retrieve the body, and he was buried a week later. Police have reportedly made no arrests. 

Homosexuality is a taboo in Kenya, and same-sex acts are a crime punishable by the state by up to 14 years imprisonment.

However, the presence of gay rights activists in Kenya show some attitudes may be slowly changing. Since 2010, there have been events in Kenya celebrating the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.  



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