Gay man thanks Mitt Romney for being a homophobe

YouTube video mocks US presidential candidate and his supporters for anti-gay policies

Gay man thanks Mitt Romney for being a homophobe
29 October 2012

A young gay American has made a mock video thanking Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his homophobic policies.

In the YouTube clip, Bobby Fortworth thanks Romney, potential vice president Paul Ryan and their supporters for letting him know that as a gay man he doesn’t deserve the same rights as everyone else.

‘Thank you making sure that I remain a second class citizen,’ he told viewers.

‘Thank you for limiting my rights to get married or adopt children because only heterosexual couples should be able to adopt children.’

As well as thanking him for supporting the military’s former Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, he sent a personal ‘thank you’ message to his friends and family who are voting for Romney.

He added: ‘Thank you for letting me know that political ideals come first and that family comes second.’

If you want to thank Romney too and help Fortworth’s thank you message go viral, click on the video below and leave a comment:



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