Gay Maori Jevan launches single

Twenty-three-year-old launches single alongside career in politics

Gay Maori Jevan launches single
23 July 2012

Gay Maori Jevan Goulter released a single, Loud, this weekend.

The song is Goulter’s first foray into pop music but the 23-year-old has already made a name for himself in New Zealand politics.

In 2010 he stood in the Wellington City Council elections and attracted headlines when he took part in a pre-election debate wearing drag.

Goulter now works as a party leader’s executive assistant in New Zealand’s parliament.

The video for Loud features a cameo from Georgina Beyer, the world’s first openly transsexual MP (in 1999 for Wairarapa, New Zealand). She performs a wedding ceremony in the video and Goulter said he supports same-sex marriage:

‘I think it’s pretty bad that consenting adults in New Zealand and Australia can still be discriminated against based on their sexuality. Even if it’s just symbolic, marriage equality needs to happen.’

Watch the video for Loud here:



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