Gay marriage biggest threat after Euro crisis, says German politician

Katherina Reiche's comments have sparked outrage in Germany, putting her political career in doubt 

Gay marriage biggest threat after Euro crisis, says German politician
24 August 2012

A German politician has said that gay marriage is the second biggest threat to Germany after the Eurozone crisis.

Katherina Reiche, 39, a state secretary for Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats Union (CDU), told Bild newspaper on Tuesday (24 August) that Germany’s future ‘lies in the hands of families, not in same-sex partnerships.’

She described gay marriage as ‘this demographic development’, saying it was ‘next to the Euro crisis, the biggest threat to German prosperity.’

Reiche said that the CDU must ‘clearly state that it backs the idea of family, children and marriage, and that society is not held together by small groups but from a stable centre.’

Newspaper critics have pointed out the hypocrisy of this statement as Reiche herself had two of her three children out of wedlock.

Thousands of others have taken to Facebook to air their disappointment, leading to Reiche taking her Facebook page down after it was flooded with angry comments

A Facebook protest group called ‘No Future with Katherina Reiche’ has been specially set up and has been joined by some 6,000 gay marriage supporters. 

Comments have been left calling Reiche a homophobe and links to an open letter addressed to the 39-year-old, which expresses the disappointment of many in Germany’s gay community.

‘We expected more from you, because thanks to your illegitimate children you know that 21st century family does not automatically mean “husband + wife + children,”’ the letter says. ‘Your statements are a slap in the face for all families that do not conform to your idea of normal.’

It ends, ‘Ms Reiche, you do not see a future for a Germany in which homosexuals have the same rights as heterosexuals and we do not see a future for you in 21st century German politics.’

The author’s suggestion about Reiche’s future in parliament may not be totally unfounded, as a number of her fellow CDU politicians have spoken out about her views on gay marriage. One even tweeted that she had ‘gone too far.’

Attracting future voters could prove tricky in her constituency in Potsdam, where the young Christian Democrats issued a press release saying they were disappointed in the politician.

The Bild interview served to shine a brighter light on the current split in the CDU over gay partnerships and suggests that it could be getting personal, as Reiche’s boss – Environment Minister Peter Altmaier – is known for living alone, unmarried, with no children.

A writer for the Taz left-wing newspaper has called on Altmaier to come out, while he has refused to speak about his sexuality, telling Stern magazine on Thursday (23 August), he was happy living alone, and refused to be, ‘defined by my sexual identity.’



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