Gay marriage delayed in Jersey

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand lodged a last-minute amendment, forcing the British crown dependency to wait until next year to vote on marriage equality

Gay marriage delayed in Jersey
09 July 2014

Gay marriage is to be delayed in Jersey.

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand lodged a last-minute amendment preventing a vote, forcing the Chief Minister to conduct a ‘detailed study’ by 31 December.

He claimed same-sex marriage in the British crown dependency off the coast of France could have ‘unintended consequences’.

Critics have said Le Marquand’s amendment was clearly a delaying tactic and would turn the topic into a divisive issue during the October general election.

‘It is a highly significant matter we are debating here,’ Le Marquand said.

‘I am passionate about marriage and I do not want anything, no matter how well meaning, to water it down.

‘It is frankly insulting to the people of Jersey, whatever side of the argument, for us to be making a snap decision.’

Sam Mezéc, of Reform Jersey, lodged the original equal marriage proposition. He said the only consequence would be that some people of the same-sex would get married.

The Trade Union Congress launched a same-sex marriage campaign last month.

‘It’s time for equal marriage,’ a TUC spokesperson told GSN.

‘We want Jersey to pull their fingers out and do the right thing.’

The amendment was passed by 24 votes to 18 and the amended proposition by 39 to one.



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