Gay marriage to plunge UK into darkness, warns Shrewsbury Bishop

The Catholic Bishop of Shrewsbury will use his Easter address tomorrow to launch yet another virulent attack on marriage equality

Gay marriage to plunge UK into darkness, warns Shrewsbury Bishop
30 March 2013

The Bishop Mark Davies will warn that the UK stands at a ‘crossroads’ over the issues of gay marriage, abortion and euthanasia during his Easter service at Shrewsbury.

He will say tomorrow (31 March) that the country risks ‘falling into darkness’, marginalize Christianity, leaving people unable to ‘distinguish between good and evil’, revealed a report by the Shropshire Star.

The bishop will say: ‘Commentators have been puzzled that the Church’s concern for the poorest is combined with an uncompromising defense of marriage as the union of man and woman; of the family as the vital unit of society; of the unborn routinely destroyed, frozen, manipulated for our purposes; and of the dignity of the aged threatened in many societies by a killing which calls itself “mercy”.

‘It makes the question of what a human life is worth the most urgent question of our time.

‘We can see this in the misuse of science or in legislators seeking to redefine the value of human life or to remake marriage.

‘If the Christian roots of our society are finally severed what will be left to uphold human dignity, to protect human rights and the value of human life itself?

‘Our country stands at the crossroads in deciding on what the future of our life and laws will be based’.

Davies has been one of the most virulent critics of the UK’s marriage equality bill.

During his last Christmas sermon he compared the UK ‘s push for marriage equality to ‘inhuman ideologies’ such as ‘Nazism and Communism’.

Stonewall sharply criticized the Bishop saying: ‘Gay people are all too aware of the horrific results of Nazi ideology due to the countless casualties of the Holocaust’.

The former archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, also alleged that Christians feel ‘marginalized’ today.

He slammed David Cameron, the UK prime minister, saying it was a ‘bit rich’ for him telling religious leaders to face down ‘aggresive secularisation’ when the government seemed to be ‘aiding and abetting’ it.

‘Many Christians doubt his sincerity’, he added and pointed out that in a recent survey more than two-thirds of Christians felt that they were part of a ‘persecuted minority’. 



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