Gay marriage will be argued about in the upcoming US election

Buzzfeed points to 6 reasons why gay marriage will be talked about during this US presidential election

Gay marriage will be argued about in the upcoming US election
02 September 2012

According to the website Buzzfeed, same sex marriage will be a major talking point in this year’s US election season.

The article lists six reasons why gay unions will be part of campaign chatter. The rationales range from gay marriage ballot measures in the states of Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington to Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s run. She is campaigning to be the senator from the Midwestern state of Wisconsin; if she wins in November, Baldwin will be the first LGBT member of the US Senate.

At some point presidential candidates Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama will have to deal with the topic. At its convention last week, Republicans adopted a party platform that included strong anti-gay marriage language. The party wants a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage all over the country, even in states where it’s legal. The platform also claims ‘advocates of traditional marriage’ are under attack from ‘hate campaigns, threats of violence, and vandalism by proponents of same-sex marriage.’ There is a ‘call for a federal investigation into attempts to deny religious believers their civil rights.’ In his acceptance speech, Romney promised to’ honor the institution of marriage.’

The platform for Democrats, their convention starts on 4 September, supports gay unions and in early May Obama announced he ‘evolved’ on the matter.



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