Gay men to apply to Home Office to wipe pre-1967 convictions

The UK Government has announced the process by which gay men will be able to apply to have any pre-1967 consensual sex convictions wiped from their records

Gay men to apply to Home Office to wipe pre-1967 convictions
03 September 2012

The UK Government has announced how gay men with pre-decriminalization convictions for consensual sex can go about clearing their names.

People with convictions for gay sex from before 1967 can apply to have their convictions expunged by contacting the Home Office which will work with Her Magesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service and the UK’s Association of Chief Police Officers to run the application process.

Each case will be considered by a caseworker, with a final decision given by the British Home Secretary.

The change came about after a pledge by British Prime Minister David Cameron during the 2010 election to change the law so that past convictions for consensual homosexual activities which had since become lawful would not be disclosed on a criminal record check.

The change was made in the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, which received royal assent on May 1, but the Home Office has only now announced the process by which people may seek to clear their records.

It is estimated that there may still be thousands of gay men living in the UK with criminal charges dating back to this period.



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