Gay men make mothers and aunts fertile, study claims

A study by University of Padua, Italy, claims that the mothers and aunts of gay men are more fertile than other women

Gay men make mothers and aunts fertile, study claims
15 May 2012

Mothers and aunts of gay men are more fertile than other women, a new study from Italy reveals.

University of Padua published its findings this week in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Researcher Camperio Ciani, from the university’s Department of General Psychology, said: ‘We tried to find out why female relatives of gay men have more sons and daughters than other women.’

The five-year long study of more than 200 women discovered that physiological and psychological processes are involved.

Ciani added: ‘Mothers and aunts of gay men live their lives in a free and happy way. So, they have less reproductive problems and experience less spontaneous abortions.’

‘The factors that influence gay men’s sexuality also influence women’s sexual life,’ the head of research said.

Women’s social behaviour is the key, Ciani commented.

‘This phenomenon also explains why gay men, despite their reduced fecundity, don’t disappear, he said.

‘Their presence is due to the greater fecundity of their female relatives.’

The study involved Italian and French mothers and aunts of gay men and has started a discussion between scientists and researchers on the relation between genetics and homosexuality.



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