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Gay Mexican prisoner has eyes gouged out in vicious attack

25-year-old gay prisoner Jonathan Franco Hector Martinez had both eyes gouged out by a cell mate at a Puerto Vallarta prison but it is alleged he was left untreated for over an hour by prison staff
Puerto Vallarta
Photo by Atilin

A gay prisoner at a Puerto Vallarta, Mexico remand prison has had both his eyes gouged out by a cell mate who was high on drugs on 23 December and there are allegations he was left untreated for over an hour.

Jonathan Franco Hector Martinez had been locked in with cell mate José Francisco Aguilar Hernandez, also known as 'Pancho,’ after being accused of robbing a taxi driver when Pancho attacked him for allegedly masturbating in their cell.

Pancho beat Martinez savagely, causing him blunt force trauma injuries and then tore out both his eyes with his fingers and reportedly tried to eat them but was stopped by prison staff when they finally arrived to intervene.

Martinez is recovering in Western Medical Center and the Regional Prosecutor of Justice is now looking into the case after several irregularities emerged.

Martinez was reportedly left in his cell in a pool of his own blood for over an hour after the attack as the prison doctor ate breakfast, while security cameras that should have been monitoring Martinez and Pancho’s cell were not working.

The ambulance crew that took Martinez to hospital say that when they arrived on scene nobody had done anything to clean or dress Martinez’ wounds.

Martinez’ boyfriend José Guadalupe Barajas Castillón also claims that prison authorities did not reveal the extent of his injuries until hours after they told him he had been in a quarrel with a cell mate.

‘I thought, what could have happened?’ Castillón told, ‘He was supposed to be in a safe place.’

‘Someone must be held responsible for compensation because he will no longer be able to work, and will not be able to get around by himself. He worked as a driver.’

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