Gay model sentenced for killing and castrating lover with a corkscrew

Renato Seabra, 23, is facing the maximum sentence for murdering Carlos Castro, 65, in a New York City hotel

Gay model sentenced for killing and castrating lover with a corkscrew
23 December 2012

A gay underwear model is facing 25 years to life in prison for strangling his older lover to death and castrating him with a corkscrew.

Renato Seabra, 23, was convicted of fatally beating journalist Carlos Castro, 65, on 7 January 2011 in a New York hotel.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Daniel Fitzgerald gave Seabra the maximum sentence allowed by law on Friday (21 December).

Prosecutor Maxine Rosenthal argued the Portuguese model is a danger to society and should be locked away for the maximum possible sentence.

‘The defendant is deceptive, he’s manipulative and he’s dangerous,’ she said.

Seabra apologized to Castro’s family and friends, saying through a translator: ‘On that day, I don’t know what took over me. Only God knows what happened that day.’

The defending attorney argued his client was suffering from bipolar disorder and did not know what he was doing.

However, Seabra admitted to telling doctors he severed Castro’s testicles in an attempt to remove the ‘evil’ of homosexuality and prevent the ‘virus’ from spreading.

He then applied them to his own slit wrists so that he could ‘harness their power.’

But in her closing arguments Rosenthal told jurors Seabra acted out of rage after Castro told him the relationship was over.

‘The motive is as clear as if it were written in lights on a Times Square marquee,’ she said.

‘It’s about rage. It’s about humiliating and emasculating the victim.’

In his final statement, Justice Fitzgerald said: ‘Here, an argument escalated from anger, to rage, to really a chilling example of man’s inhumanity to man.

‘There was extreme brutality, sadism and dehumanizing acts.’



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