Gay Muslim activist says no to UK Sharia law

Omar Kuddus, a Muslim gay LGBT rights advocate says there is no place for Sharia law in Britain and being gay is not sinful in Islam

Gay Muslim activist says no to UK Sharia law
20 January 2013

Omar Kuddus, a Muslim gay LGBT rights advocate spoke against the possibility of applying sharia law in the United Kingdom.

Kuddus, who is also a GSN contributor as well as director and founder of GayAsylumUK believes that the introduction of Sharia law into Britain would put LGBT people’s safety and civil rights at risk.

Appearing on the UK’s Channel 4 – 4Thought program, he argues religion should have no part in civil law.

He further explains that as he understands Islam, being gay is not a sin.

He said: ‘I do not believe being homosexual is sinful, because Islam is an interpretation of what we as Muslims need to make of our lives’.

In contrast he asks, ‘have religious fanatics got so obsessed with homosexuality that they have forgotten the true meaning of our religion?

‘Our religion is about peace and love, it is their duty not to persecute, not to judge, have they lost the plot along the way? That is the question that needs to be asked’.

Speaking with Gay Star News, Kuddus said: ‘The Quran mentions homosexual behavior only twice and in passing, the most quoted one is the story of lut.

‘However the story mentions the notion of lewdness, commonly interpreted as rape and/or orgies, be it heterosexual or homosexual.

‘There are some Hadith which speak severely of homosexuality (“liwat”) and are usually interpretations by some scholars to what is attributed to be sayings of the prophet Muhammad.

‘However, many liberal Muslims, including myself have serious doubts about their authenticity and such Hadiths have been used in particular times and places, which do not apply to different context and time.

‘And as I have pointed out many times, that during the times of the first Caliphs, Muslims did not know what to do with individuals guilty of "liwat".

‘No sahabi (companion) of Muhammad could quote a saying or decision of Muhammad relating to this question.

‘Islam is a personal religion between me and Allah, and as it is a set of guidelines it is open to interpretation and I personally believe that homosexuality is not haram [forbidden].

‘If anything Allah who created all mankind would not create a gender that was condemned from birth, for he is not that cruel.

‘Those who condemn my sexuality should know better for Allah is the only one that can pass judgement- not Imams and Mullahs’.  

You can watch Kuddus speak here.



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