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Gay Nigerians stripped naked and whipped in public after sex party

A gay man from Lagos reported a group of gay Nigerians to the authorities after they refused to give him money for sex
Five gay Nigerean men were arrested and whipped in public.

Five gay Nigerian men were detained, stripped naked and beaten in public last week after they refused to give money to a sexual partner from Lagos who was blackmailing them.

According to local news reports and information from Nigerian gay activist Bisi Alimi, a gay man from Lagos joined some local gay men in Ekurede Urhobo for a sex party.

Afterwards, the man from Lagos demanded payment in exchange for not reporting the group to police.

When the rest of the group didn’t pay, the gay man from Lagos reported the group to local authorities.

As of January 2014, Nigerian law punishes openly gay people with prison sentences up to 14 years. Anybody who knows somebody who is gay will have to tell the authorities or go to jail for five years.

Five men were detained and taken to the town hall, where in front of a large crowd they were stripped naked and whipped.

When they couldn’t pay a fine, they were reported to the police. At this point a sixth alleged member of the group was also arrested.

Alimi told Gay Star News since Nigerian president Jonathan Goodluck passed the ‘Jail All The Gays’ law, there has been a dramatic increase in reported cases of blackmailing people with threats to reveal their sexuality.

‘This is what is happening, even within the community people are blackmailing each other or using this as a way to make money.’

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White ignorance never fails to surprise me. 47% of Nigerians are Christians. Christians being the one's that colonized Africa and injected seperation, hate, and racism into African culture. Europeans love to look down on the world forgetting that these nations in peril are the direct result of Europe and America's foreign policy. FYI: Most African leaders were put in place by Western powers so blame your government need for oil and history of shady politics.

Isn't it stunning that the anti-gay law has been initiated by western christian religious individuals, and that those who are supposedly defending african culture are accepting a non-african but more so a colonial (read suppressive) system, christianity! Isn't it even more stunning to see that those defending african culture (or so they claim), are in fact descendants from tribes were male-to-male sexual relations were, and factually are, normal relations? Young males have sex with each other (for whatever reason), and prior to christian colonization of Africa nobody was offended by it!
One would expect that those who are proud of Africa and African culture would be defending traditions, and fight non-african religious idiocies and stupidity, wouldn't one?
But then, some have never reached the stage of the human race, they just kept stuck somewhere in the stone age.... were the primates found the path to development!