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Gay Norway minister to take husband to Sochi

Bent Høie, the official representative for Norway at the Paralympics, said it was common for an official to take their spouse to such an event
Norway's Health Minister Bent Høie has said he will be taking his husband to Sochi.

Norway’s gay minister will be making a stand by taking his husband to Sochi Winter Games.

Bent Høie, the official representative for Norway at the Paralympics, announced he would be attending the event with his spouse today (4 February).

‘I cannot wait to watch and support all the Norwegian athletes,’ he said. ‘These are athletes with disabilities who perform at a very high level.’

Speaking to the Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper, Høie said it was normal for a cabinet official to travel with a spouse on such an official visit.

‘Having said that, everyone understands what two married men think about gay rights,’ Høie added.

US President Barack Obama, French President Francois Hollande and UK Prime Minister David Cameron will not be attending the Games.

The US delegation includes three openly gay athletes, ice hockey’s Caitlin Cahow, figure skater Brian Boitano and tennis legend Billie Jean King.

Norway has won more Winter Olympic medals than any other nation and is likely to finish high in the medal table in Sochi.

Oslo, the capital of one of the most gay friendly countries in the world, is bidding to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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