Gay Olympic diver sings on YouTube again

Australian Olympian Matthew Mitcham has charmed the pants off us again, by singing the Family Guy's theme tune on the ukulele

Gay Olympic diver sings on YouTube again
07 August 2012

Australian Olympian Matthew Mitcham has taken to YouTube with his ukulele again, keeping his 27,000 Twitter followers happy while he kills time before his big dive on Friday (10 August).

Just when we thought we couldn’t love him any more after his rendition of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies last week, he charms us again with a poignant interpretation of the theme from his favorite TV show – Family Guy.

‘It seems today that all you see is violence on movies and sex on TV,’ Mitcham sings in a sweet lilting melody that wouldn’t be out of place in a barber shop quartet.

Mitcham still has three days before his chance to win gold in the 10-metre platform diving.
So far in London 2012’s diving, Chinese competitors have taken the gold medals in all categories. Mitcham is hoping to end this run like he did in Beijing in 2008.

Brisbane-born Mitcham started off in trampolining before he was spotted by a diving coach mucking around in the pool one day when he was 11 years old. He came out before the Beijing Olympics, where he was one of only a handful of out gay athletes.

‘It’s a role [being an out gay athlete] that I take on whole heartedly and it influences a lot of decisions I make,’ Mitcham said in an interview in 2010. ‘I’m very conscious of how I present myself as a role model.’

The diver took part in the Gay Games in Cologne in 2010, which he said was more fun than the Olympics and ‘so motivational’.

We also love Matt Bellassai’s adorable tribute to Mitcham.

Watch Mitcham singing the Family Guy theme tune accompanied by his ukulele here:



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