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Gay pastor speaks back to Malaysian minister’s criticism of his wedding

‘I am not promoting gay rights, I am promoting human rights’ Reverend O Young says
Phineas Newborn III and Rev O Young (Ngeo Boon Lin)

The gay Malaysian pastor who held the first publicized gay wedding reception in the country has spoken back to the homophobic comments a government minister made on Saturday.

Minister for Islamic Affairs Jamil Khir said of Reverend O Young Wen Feng (also known as Ngeo Boon Lin) and Phineas Newborn III's wedding celebration: ‘the reception portrayed Malaysia society as confused. It’s clear their motive was to fight for gay rights.’

Rev O Young responded to this in a statement on his Facebook page saying ‘if people are confused about sexual orientation, it only means more scientific information on human sexuality are required… I am not promoting gay rights, I am promoting human rights.’

Jamil Khir also apparently said same-sex marriages ‘will erode the family institution’, to which Rev O Young responded:

‘To recognize that some people are gay and not to force them to change or to discriminate against them, will not erode the institution of family, but will strengthen it because families will be formed as a result of love not because of pressure from other people.’

Watch a video of Rev O Young’s marriage to musical producer Newborn here.

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