Gay people are satanic, anti god and anti human, rants Gambia’s president

Yahya Jammeh, president of Gambia, attacked gay people and warned: do not ever visit the country or ‘you will regret why you are born’ 

Gay people are satanic, anti god and anti human, rants Gambia’s president
30 March 2013

Gambia’s president Yahya Jammeh, ranted against gay people in his speech addressing the country’s parliament.

He called homosexuality ‘satanic’, as well as ‘anti-god, anti-human, and anti-civilization’.

Jammeh also used his speech on Thursday evening (28 March) to send out a warning to LGBT people; Saying they are not allowed into the Gambia and that he stood by his previous anti-gay declarations, without any regrets.

He ranted: ‘Homosexuality is anti-humanity. I have never seen homosexual chicken, or turkey…

‘If you are convicted of homosexuality in this country, there will be no mercy for offenders. We will put you in the female wing of the prison.

‘We want the population to grow. There will be children in this country.

‘Homosexuality is anti-god, anti-human, and anti-civilization.

‘Homosexuals are not welcome in the Gambia.

‘If we catch you, you will regret why you are born [SIC].

‘I have buffalos from South Africa and Brazil and they never date each other’.

Jammeh also stated he was undeterred by threats of the UK and US government to cut aid to countries which persecutes LGBT people, saying, defiantly: ‘We are ready to eat grass but we will not compromise on this.

‘Allowing homosexuality means allowing satanic rights. We will not allow gays here’.

In April 2012 18 men were caught and charged for police raided the Duplex Night Club, taking ‘pictures’ of the men ‘wearing female clothes’ and ‘walking like ladies’.

The men were finally acquitted in August last year after the court threw out the case when it found the pictures were fake.

However the men had to flee into hiding after they were being beaten and threatened to death.

Under Gambian law, same sex acts are punishable by a 14-year prison term.

Gambia is a predominantly Muslim country and is ruled by a military junta headed by president Jammeh who cultivates an image of being a devout Muslim.

Jammeh slammed in February 2012 the linking of US foreign aid to progress on LGBT rights saying that: ‘We know what human rights are. Human beings of the same sex cannot marry or date.’

He also stated that homosexuality originates from ‘alien cultures’ which will fail to ‘destroy our culture’,

Jammeh, previously vowed in May 2008 to legislate ‘stricter laws than Iran’ on homosexuality and said he would ‘cut off the head’ of any gay person found in Gambia.

‘The Gambia is a country of believers… sinful and immoral practices [such] as homosexuality will not be tolerated in this country,’ he was quoted as saying by the BBC.

After mounting international criticism he later retracted his statements and said homosexuals should be expelled from the country.

Jammeh also previously claimed in 2011 and 2007, that he could cure HIV/AIDS and asthma with natural herbs.

Watch Jammeh ‘curing’ HIV/AIDS:



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