Gay people compared to racists and polygamists in new video

Alliance Defending Freedom has released an anti-gay marriage video which attacks President Obama

Gay people compared to racists and polygamists in new video
24 August 2012

Christian group Alliance Defending Freedom has published an anti-gay marriage video which compares gay people who want to get married to racists and polygamists.

The video suggests not just marriage equality supporters, but racists and polygamists have been trying to sabotage ‘traditional marriage’ for centuries.

ADF say same-sex activists have a ‘powerful ally’ in Obama, and quote the president as saying: ‘My administration is no longer defending the [Defense of Marriage Act] in the courts.

‘I believe the law runs counter to the constitution and it’s time for it to end – once and for all.

‘It should join Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the history books.’

The ADF state ‘racist activists’ in the 19th century tried to redefine marriage to mean only white people could get married.

Instead it was the United States government who began to nullify common law marriages and exert control over who they felt should be allowed to marry.

According to the New York Times, by the 1920s, it meant 38 states prohibited white people from marrying African-Americans, ‘mulattos’, Japanese, Chinese, Indians, ‘Mongolians’, ‘Malays’, or Filipinos.

Despite 2010 census data saying there are over 650,000 same-sex couples raising nearly 250,000 children in the United States, the ADF states every child ‘needs a mom and a dad’.

It says: ‘That timeless reality is what makes marriage our most important social institution.’

The ADF is a Christian anti-gay legal organization that was co-founded by renowned homophobes including Donald Wildmom, who created the American Family Association, and Bill Bright, who founded the Campus Crusade for Christ.

Along with more than 30 Christian institutions, the ADF drew criticism when it represented, a website campaigning for California’s Prop 8.

Religious rights law group Liberty Counsel, which has litigated opposition to same-sex marriage since 2004, criticized the ADF by saying they were unprepared and had very little evidence to oppose marriage equality.



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