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Gay pop star Mika unveils video for comeback single Celebrate

Newly out and proud singer suffers from a serious case of writer's block in video for first track from new album The Origin of Love
Pop star Mika unveils video for first single since coming out as gay
Photo by Scott Nunn

Gay pop singer Mika, who finally came out last week, has unveiled the music video for his comeback single Celebrate.

The song, which is a collaboration with hip-hop star Pharrell, is taken from his new album The Origin of Love.

In the video released today (10 August), Mika is seen suffering from a serious case of writers block.

After throwing a small forest's worth of musical scribblings on to the floor around him, he heads off into the night looking for inspiration at various parties and nightclubs.

Mika confirmed to Instinct Magazine that he is gay after years of questions surrounding his sexuality.

The ‘Grace Kelly’ singer had previously told reporters he was bisexual, and confirmed it in a 2009 interview with Dutch magazine Gay And Night.

He has sold over 8 million records and achieved gold or platinum certifications in 32 countries worldwide across his previous two albums Life in Cartoon Motion and The Boy Who Knew Too Much.

Celebrate will be available to download from 30 September.

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