Gay presidential candidate has video pulled from YouTube

Fred Karger's ad, which features two men kissing at the end, has been reposted on site with a parental warning

Gay presidential candidate has video pulled from YouTube
25 April 2012

Mitt Romney has the Republican nomination for president all but sewn up but that hasn't stopped Fred Karger from pushing on with his long-shot candidacy leading up to the June 5 primary in his home state of California.

Karger, who proclaims himself as the first openly gay candidate of either major political party to run for President, has gotten the kind of publicity that money can't buy in recent days for his 'Sexy Frisbee' campaign video.

YouTube yanked the video from its site on Tuesday (24 April) deeming it inappropriate then allowed it back up 11 hours later with a parental advisory warning of 'explicit content.'

Since the commercial features energetic and fit young men and women playing volleyball and other activities on the beach interspersed with Karger's campaign message, the only thing YouTube could have been referring to was a quick kiss at the end between two men.

Karger wrote in a message to supporters on Wednesday: 'YouTube reinstated our commercial.  No explanation was given, but we are asking for an investigation into why YouTube deemed it 'inappropriate' yesterday.

He added that the video has 'taken off with over 26,700 views in 24 hours – minus the 11 hours it was pulled down.'

YouTube has not commented on why it pulled the video down then slapped it with a parental warning. The kiss is between Karger's friends Andrew Reynolds and Michael Aguirre who have been a couple for seven years.

Karger acknowledges in the video that a lot of people are asking, 'Fred who?'

He explains: 'I'm a moderate Republican, I have the best jobs plan, I'm pro-choice, support gay marriage and I want us out of Afghanistan now. If you're not excited about Mitt Romney or the direction of the Republican party, then I ask you to vote for me.'

He says he and his supporters will be going door-to-door 'all around California' giving out the 'Fred Frisbees' which are featured in the video.

Karger officially kicked off his California campaign at a press conference on the steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento on Wednesday.



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