Gay puppy love for TV star Pudsey

Owner Ashleigh Butler admits Britain’s Got Talent dog star is in love with male cocker spaniel, Sam

Gay puppy love for TV star Pudsey
14 May 2012

Pudsey, the performing dog who won Britain’s Got Talent, is in love – with another male dog.

That’s according to the Daily Star, one of Britain’s most tabloid newspapers.

The 6-year-old performing pooch wowed the nation on the TV talent contest over the last few months and this weekend 13.8 million viewers tuned in to see Pudsey’s winning with his Mission Impossible-styled routine.

Pudsey and his 17 year old owner, Ashleigh Butler from Northamptonshire, achieved 39% of the overall public vote to ultimately win the £500,000 prize.

But now the Star claims Pudsey is head over paws in love with a male cocker spaniel called Sam.

The love interest, Sam, belongs to one of Ashleigh’s friends: ‘It’s true… whenever Pudsey sees Sam, he’s in love. He has a thing for him.’

Pudsey even dumped his long-term border collie girlfriend, Crumble, with whom he had six puppies, Ashleigh confesses: ‘He is a complete flirt.’

However, it may not all be romantic walks in the park and a candlelit dog bowl for two for Pudsey and Sam as rivalry is in the air. David Walliams’ border terrier Bert, has shown a keen interest in the BGT winner and the pair supposedly hit it off when they both met recently.

Naturally, Pudsey has his human admirers too. A mystery fan has offered £5million for the talented canine, owner Ashleigh has stated: ‘No way would I sell him. You can’t put a price on him.’

So, what’s next for the dog of the moment? Well, offers have been pouring in for dog food endorsements and even the rumor of book deal. But for owner Ashleigh, it was a short-lived celebration, as she sits her school exams this week.

Ashleigh admits: ‘Having won this it’s tempting to say “bye bye” and “hello showbiz” but I’ll see what happens after the exams.’

Both Pudsey and Ashleigh will be performing at this year’s Royal Variety Performance in front of The Queen as part of their prize.

Watch Pudsey in action here:



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