Gay Republican kills himself over Obama victory

A tanning salon owner from Key West, Florida, left suicide note cursing the re-election of US President Barack Obama

Gay Republican kills himself over Obama victory
15 November 2012

A gay Republican from Florida killed himself over Barack Obama’s victory in last week’s US Presidential election.

Henry Hamilton, a former tanning salon owner from Key West, was found dead two days after the Democrat leader won a second term in the White House on 6 November.

Two empty pill bottles were found in the 64-year-old’s dining room and a suicide note written across his will read: ‘Do not revive! Fuck Obama!’

His partner Michael Cossey was the first to discover Hamilton, who had warned him before the election that if Obama is re-elected, ‘I’m not going to be around.’

According to the Miami Herald, Cossey told police that the staunch Republican had been ‘very stressed’ about his business.

Police, however, do not believe the death was suspicious and are awaiting autopsy results to determine a cause of death.

Obama beat opponent Mitt Romney by securing the 270 electoral college votes needed.

In his victory speech, he said all people, including gays, should have the American dream and hoped all Americans could work together for progress.



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