Gay rights activist, 25, ‘stabbed by Nazis’ in Sweden

Man who helped to set up an anti-homophobia in football group was stabbed in the arms and lung after a rally celebrating International Women's Day

Gay rights activist, 25, ‘stabbed by Nazis’ in Sweden
10 March 2014

A 25-year-old gay rights activist is fighting for life after being reportedly stabbed by Nazis in Sweden.

Showan Shattak was assaulted by extreme right-wing thugs in Malmö on Saturday night (8 March).

A football fan and activist against human rights abuses, he attended a rally to celebrate International Women’s Day and fight against sexism.

According to his friends, the gang of neo-Nazis attacked him as he was heading home after the protest.

Shattak was stabbed in the arms and lung causing life-threatening injuries.

He is now lying in hospital in a stable condition.

Shattak, who helped to set up the group ‘Football Supporters Against Homophobia’, had support from his favorite soccer team Malmö FF.

It said: ‘All of our thoughts and all our love today goes out to our friend Showan…

‘[He] is one of Malmö ‘s most active figures and has strongly contributed to building up the culture of stands today in the MFF.

‘Our stand is a place of communion and where everybody with a sky-blue heart is welcome.

‘We will never accept racism and Nazism in our stands or in our city.

‘We invite everyone to give their thoughts to Showan and his family. All love to you Showan. Fight!

‘We pray for good news.’

While Sweden is renowned for its liberalism and gay rights, neo-Nazi attacks are on the rise.

In the last six months, more than five attacks have been made across the country on human rights activists.



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