Gay rights groups urge mayor to run for New Jersey governor

LGBT rights groups have urged Newark’s mayor Cory Booker to run for the post of New Jersey state governor

Gay rights groups urge mayor to run for New Jersey governor
26 November 2012

Gay rights groups have pledged to back Newark’s mayor Cory Booker should he decide to challenge New Jersey Republican governor Chris Christie.

Newark’s Democratic mayor and supporter of gay rights, has not yet stated if he will run for the office of the governor of the US state of New Jersey.

LGBT rights groups urged Booker to run for the office.

Steven Goldstein, the head of Garden State Equality, the state’s main LGBT rights group, said he’s prepared to go ‘door to door from New Jersey to West Hollywood to raise millions of dollars’ for a Booker campaign.

Fred Sainz, spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) said: ‘Like few others, Cory Booker manages to capture the imagination of the LGBT community from all over the country, and from all walks of life.

‘I would suspect a wide diversity of Americans would support his campaign and help get him the resources he needs to win.’

But in a tweet Sunday responding to an article, Booker, gave a non-committal answer as to if he would run for governor.

‘No matter what I choose, NJ will have Marriage Equality,’ he tweeted.

Booker and current governor Christie hold are totally at odds on the issue of gay marriage.

Christie vetoed a bill which would have legalized same-sex marriage in New Jersey, while Booker has campaigned for its legalization.

Booker previously told the LGBT group at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte: ‘I’m telling you right now, it’s not a matter of if we’re going to win marriage equality in New Jersey.

‘It’s a matter of when we’re going to win it. And I know in my heart of hearts, if God is willing, I will be there on that day that bill is signed. I might even have a very good seat when it gets done’.

In October, Booker gave speech to an estimated 3,000 people attending HRC’s 16th annual National Dinner in Washington D.C. where he reiterated his belief that New Jersey would join other US states with marriage equality.



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