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Gay role by American Horror Story actor Alexander Dreymon gets new attention

BBC television film featured lusty sex scenes between Dreymon and Dr. Who star Matt Smith

Alexander Dreymon has made quite an impression so far this season on the FX series American Horror Story: Coven.

The handsome 30-year-old actor plays the role of Luke Ramsey who lives next door to a school for witches.

But it is a past role - that of a gay German prostitute - in the 2011 BBC TV movie Christopher and His Kind that has been getting Dreymon attention this week.

The film is based on the memoir by Christopher Isherwood (played by Dr. Who star Matt Smith) who meets a rentboy named Caspar (Dreymon)at a seedy gay club in Berlin.

They have a tumultuous affair until Caspar abruptly disappears. Christopher does not see him until many months later and is horrified to see that he has joined the Nazis. Below are some of their love scenes.

In the second video, the very loud sex scene begins at the 7:57 mark. It's clearly NSFW.

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