Gay scientist Alan Turing honored with Monopoly edition

Google is paying for 1000 board games to be made, honoring the man who helped to win World War 2

Gay scientist Alan Turing honored with Monopoly edition
13 September 2012

The gay scientist, mathematician and World War 2 codebreaker Alan Turing is being honored with his own Monopoly edition.

The man that helped win World War 2 and was later prosecuted for his homosexuality, the beloved board game is paying tribute to 100 years since the father of computer science was born.

Turing’s Monopoly will replace houses and hotels with huts and blocks, and the spaces on the board will all feature locations important in Turing’s life, including his birthplace in Maida Vale and his school in Dorset.

His face will appear on all of the money in the game, which is a nod towards the current petition to get Turing on the £10 note.

CEO of the Bletchley Park Trust Iain Standen said: ‘Bringing this board to life has been one of the most exciting and unique projects we’ve been involved with here, and we’re thrilled to see it finally available for others to enjoy.’

Google, who celebrated Turing’s life and work on 23 June with a code-inspired doodle, is paying for the first thousand boards to be made.

Film studio Warner Bros. decided to drop a biopic of the mathematician’s life after actor Leonardo DiCaprio said he had no interest in starring in the film.

But director J Blakeson, according to reports, is going to repackage the project and sell it to another studio.

Monopoly: Alan Turing Edition will be released in November 2012 via the Bletchley Park Trust store. You can pre-order your copy here.



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