Gay singer Adam Lambert fights for gay marriage

American Idol star is urging Maryland residents to vote yes on a referendum on marriage equality

Gay singer Adam Lambert fights for gay marriage
26 September 2012

Gay American singer Adam Lambert urged residents of Maryland to vote yes on a law protecting gay marriage at a fundraiser last night (25 September).

Appearing at the 9.30 Club in Washington D.C, Lambert spoke and performed at Marylanders for Marriage Equality.

He said: ‘The thing I like about Question Six is that it’s really not about politics at all.

‘Yes you have to vote in order to choose yes but you don’t have to be a Republican or a Democrat.

‘It’s a human rights issue. It’s a choice that is very simple…do you want to give equal rights to all members of your community or not?’

On 6 November residents in Maryland will get to vote, not only for a new president but also to legalize same-sex marriage.

If the people of Maryland vote yes, the state will become only the eighth in the America to legalize gay marriage and the first to do it through popular vote.

Speaking about the November ballot the ‘Trespassing’ singer said: ‘That’s what I love about Question Six.

‘It’s direct, hopefully people come out and hear about it and vote for it even if it’s the only box they check.’

American Idol season eight runner-up Lambert then belted out his hit song ‘Outlaw of Love’ for the energetic crowd.

In an interview with local newspaper The Washingtonian, the Grammy-nominated singer said: ‘I think there’s a lot of fear among people who oppose gay and lesbian marriage.

‘It’s very forward-thinking of Maryland, and it’s great. I promised myself if I ever got the opportunity to support something like this. I would.’

Check out Adam Lambert at the Marylanders for Marriage Equality fundraiser below:



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