Gay singer Steve Grand raises $85,000 to finance new album in just 17 hours – total still growing

He tells fans: 'I am so humbled; so grateful for your outpouring of love and support'

Gay singer Steve Grand raises $85,000 to finance new album in just 17 hours – total still growing
27 February 2014

Determined to make an album without a record label, Steve Grand turned to his fans for help.

They came through.

In just 17 hours, the goal of $85,000 was raised through Grand’s Kickstarter campaign.

The total has since climbed to past $115,000.

In a Facebook message, Grand described himself as ‘speechless.’

‘You guys did it!’ he wrote to his fans. ‘I don’t even know what to say right now.’

‘You guys are unbelievable! I am so humbled; so grateful for your outpouring of love and support! You have really shown how much you believe in me and I won’t let you down! YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN! I love you all so much!’

Initial funding is to finish recording pay for recording the rest of the album, for packaging, promotion, album art, and music videos.

So now that the total has reached into six-figures, what will the rest of the money be used for?

Grand writes on the Kickstarter page: ‘ … The additional funds will be used to promote and market the record, so it can reach as many people as possible. Getting songs in rotation on radio is difficult and expensive … We have some of the very best independent music marketing people in the industry standing by to open doors and advise us on spending the money intelligently.’

Saying he wants to make honest music and tell honest stories, Grand has chosen to make the project independently and wows to have it complete by May.

He has written all 12 tracks for the album including Back to California, his third video which he released this week about the friendship between a gay man and his female best friend.

His first song, All-American Boy, went viral and catapulted Grand to fame. He followed that up with the video for his song Stay.

The Kickstarter funds come from just over 1,700 backers so far and many offered words of support in addition to their money.

‘What you are doing for out culture, has not been done,’ wrote Sara Holliday. ‘Push forward. Know we have your back, and that you are making this world a better place to raise our children. This hetero Mom and her entire family are one of millions that will help push you forward.’

Another fan, Jon Everett, wrote: ‘I absolutely LOVE your music and think its shattering stereotypes. I even have my straight fraternity brothers listening to some of your songs. Keep up the amazing work, can’t wait to hear this album!!!’



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