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Gay singer Steve Grand raises an astonishing $326,593 on Kickstarter to finance debut album

YouTube sensation had sought to raise $81,000 - fans helped him raise more than four times that amount

Openly gay singer Steve Grand has wrapped up his stupendously successful crowd funding campaign to finance his independent debut album by raising a whopping $326,593.

The singer, whose video All-American Boy went viral last summer, had set out to raise $81,000 and ended up with more than four times that amount.

'What can I possibly say that sums up my feelings at this moment?' Steve said in an emotional video message thanking his supporters. 'I’m overwhelmed. Grateful beyond measure. Truly moved by what you’ve done.'

The total came from 4,905 contributors, is the third highest funded project in the history of Kickstarter and the most money raised by an artist not affiliated with a major record label.

Grand has set out to have his fans be his record label so he can release the kind of music - including LGBTI stories - he wants make without interference from a label.

He also said in the video on Sunday (30 March): 'You made it 100 percent clear to the world that united, we will make our voices heard. We will spread our message of love and inclusion to an even wider audience.'

The album, All-American Boy, is expected to be completed and released by this spring. Grand has already released three independently produced songs and videos from the project.

'You’ve given me all the motivation I need to work my heart out for you,' he told his fans. 'Nothing is more important to me than honoring the trust and love you’ve placed in me to tell honest stories, our stories, and to make a great album.'

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