Gay soccer pro Robbie Rogers shows that modeling comes easy for him

Video shows member of LA Galaxy looks relaxed, confident and sexy during Attitude Magazine cover shoot

Gay soccer pro Robbie Rogers shows that modeling comes easy for him
06 March 2014

If the soccer thing doesn’t work out for Robbie Rogers in the long run, the LA Galaxy player should be able to segue right into a career as a model.

Rogers, 26, looked mighty comfortable in front of the camera during a recent cover shoot for Attitude Magazine.

Virtually unknown 13 months ago, Rogers is now one of the most famous openly gay athletes in the world and he appears to be handling the attention with ease.

Rogers plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy and is dating television producer Greg Berlanti.

He is the cover subject of Attitude’s April issue and talks about his brief retirement from the sport before returning and becoming the first openly gay player in the history of Major League Soccer.

‘My thing was that I was done and I was going to [come out] on my own terms, away from a football club,’ Rogers says.

‘I was going to take some time to myself and no-one was going to try and persuade me to do that while I was back in football and no one was going to persuade me to do it in any other way.’



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