Gay soccer pro Robbie Rogers writing a book

Eric Marcus, who collaborated on Greg Louganis' best-selling memoir, will co-write Robbie Rogers' upcoming memoir

Gay soccer pro Robbie Rogers writing a book
13 October 2013

Gay soccer pro Robbie Rogers has a new memoir coming out next year.

Called ‘Coming Out to Play the book will published by Penguin Books.

As reported by the Associated Press, the book will cover ‘his rise from a "troubled, isolated child" to a winger for the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer.’

The 26-year-old will co-write the book with Eric Marcus, who also worked on the autobiography by gay Olympic champion Greg Louganis.

The former British Leeds United football midfielder came out this past February. He retired only to quickly return after signing a contract with the Galaxy.

Although he has turned into a celebrity, he’s been on the cover of Out magazine, Rogers’ playing time on the field has been reduced due to hamstring injuries.



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