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Gay soldier: ‘Prince Harry told me he’s 100% gay friendly’

James Wharton, the author of a new book about ten years of being gay in the British military, has refuted reports he would send an apology to Prince Harry
Prince Harry is '100% gay-friendly' according to a gay soldier James Wharton.

Prince Harry would describe himself as ‘100% gay-friendly’, a gay soldier has revealed to Gay Star News.

James Wharton, in his new autobiography Out in the Army, describes serving openly gay in the British military for ten years.

In 2008, six soldiers threatened to beat him up over him being gay.

‘I think I’m going to be murdered by the infantry,’ he told Prince Harry, who apparently told him: ‘Right, I’m going to sort this shit out once and for all.’

The royal, who is currently third in line to the throne, allegedly approached the men and warned they would be ‘severely disciplined’ if they did not stop their threatening behavior.

Wharton described the prince, who was his tank commander, as ‘one of my greatest protectors’.

He has now revealed to GSN Prince Harry knew about his sexuality long before the incident and would ask him about his experiences growing up.

‘He knew I had a boyfriend called Tom once. So when we worked together it was pretty much picking up after we left off two years before. When soldiers are sat around bored in the middle of the night we just talk,’ Wharton said.

‘There was nothing behind it. It was three soldiers sat on the side of the hill having a conversation. We’re all quite nosy.’

He added: ‘He’s 100% gay-friendly. He would describe himself as that.’

Wharton scoffed at reports he was sending a ‘full-blown apology note’ to the British prince after an interview he did with The Times.

‘I never said that. I don’t think I need to apologize’ he said. ‘All I meant by sending a note over was pretty much a bit of an explanation and a thank you. A courtesy. ‘

When asked about the insight he got into the British royal family, Wharton said: ‘The thing about the young princes and the older members of the family is that they’re probably quite different.

‘I can’t talk about any other royals as I’ve not really had an insight into their ins and outs, but the four weeks I spent with Prince Harry I got to know the character behind what we see everyday on the news.

‘I found him a very nice person and very human.’

In the past, Prince Harry has been praised by gay rights groups for supporting equality causes. Last year, he supported Ben Cohen's anti-homophobic bullying charity Stand Up Foundation.

Out In The Army by James Wharton is out now.

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