‘Gay soldiers should sleep in different rooms’

Italian Member of Parliament Carlo Giovanardi says that the American 'don't ask don't tell' rule was a good one and that gay soldiers should not come out

‘Gay soldiers should sleep in different rooms’
11 July 2012

‘Gay soldiers should sleep in different rooms’ to avoid ‘corrupting’ the straight ones, an Italian politican has said.

Member of Parliament Carlo Giovanardi made the statement, the latest in a series of provocations to the LGBT community, two days ago when interviewed by a radio journalist.

He added: ‘Gay soldiers should not come out and the American "don’t ask don’t tell rule" was a good one.’

The US military dropped ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ last September with no negative impact on morale.

Giovanardi is a member of the Silvio Berlusconi’s PDL, Popolo della Libertà, and his anti-LGBT statements are notorious.

An Italian group for human rights has counted Giovanardi. From the beginning of 2012, the MP released at least 20 anti-gay attacks.

He said: ‘Nobody should talk about his or her sexual life. I would feel embarrassed in sleeping [in the same room as] openly gay soldiers.’

An Italian gay activist and member of the regional parliament of the Emilia-Romagna region replied: ‘This is homophobia. Giovanardi is obsessed by sin.

‘His homophobia is the proof that in Italy we still have to talk about human rights. Years and years of the Berlusconi’s government have created this situation.’

Last week, Clemente Gasparri, a high-rank officer of the Carabinieri police, and brother of a former secretary of state, said: ‘A Carabiniere can not come out. It is not appropriate.’

Giovanardi backed Gasparri saying: ‘He was right.’



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