Gay South African student hazed and tortured by Russian thugs

Homophobic Russian thugs have published a video showing their torture and humiliation of a South African student studying in the city of Belgorod, luring him to an apartment on the promise of sex

Gay South African student hazed and tortured by Russian thugs
06 November 2013

Anti-gay thugs have lured and tortured a South African university student over his sexuality and race in an apartment in the Russian city of Belgorod, leading him to believe he was meeting a teenager for sex.

The video was posted to Russian social media website VK by the group Occupy Belgorod yesterday and shows the black South African youth being interrogated about his sexuality, being made to strip, having his head forcibly shaved, being made to dance while carrying a watermelon and then having the watermelon smashed in his face.

Later they slap the youth in the face with his own hands and repeatedly draw attention to his skin color.

Later a woman with the group suggests he would like to have sex with a cat.

The 20-year-old’s ordeal appears to have lasted hours as the edited video lasts over half an hour.

The student was lead to believe that he was meeting a 15-year-old boy.

Russia’s age of consent is 16 but was 14 until 2003.

According to Occupy Belgorod the student was expelled from Shukhov State Technological University following the incident.

GSN is aware of the student’s name but has chosen not to publish it.

The video is just the latest of a series of homophobic torture and kidnapping videos targeting young gay men and teens  to be released by anti-LGBT Russian Occupy groups that have no affiliation with the North American movement of the same name.



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