Gay talent George Michael, Jessie J and Pet Shop Boys help close Olympics

London closes 2012 Summer Olympic games with a celebration of British music talent including top gay and bisexual names

Gay talent George Michael, Jessie J and Pet Shop Boys help close Olympics
12 August 2012

Gay pop stars George Michael, Jessie J and Neil Tennant were part of the line-up of British singing talent given the honor of closing the London 2012 Olympics today (12 August).

Tennant, half of 80s pop group Pet Shop Boys with Chris Lowe, performed their classic West End Girls as part of a medley of music celebrating London. The scene was set a backdrop of the UK capital’s famous landmarks, covered in newsprint with celebrated quotes from British literature.

And Michael, another star from the 80s, joined the Symphony of British Music with his classic song Freedom.

As Gay Star News reported last week he had confirmed the rumors he would be performing at the Closing Ceremony to fans via Twitter. It’s the first time Michael has sung on stage since a serious case of pneumonia last year left him hospitalized and in a coma.

George Michael singing at the closing ceremony.

Bisexual singer Jessie J performed her hit Price Tag driving around the stadium in a convertible.

The lyrics ‘forget about the price tag’ had a particular resonance for the London 2012 games which have been widely hailed a success despite their £11billion ($17billion €14billion) cost.

She went on to sing with rappers Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz.

Other singers and groups performing included current boyband favorite One Direction, 90s girl power band Spice Girls, 70s London group Madness, HIV-campaigner Annie Lennox and indie-rock band Kaiser Chiefs from Leeds, northern England.

Legends like the Beatles – who featured heavily –Blur and Oasis were also included.

A rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine saw young people performing the words in sign language while his face was created with jigsaw-like pieces. And singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran performed Pink Floyd’s classic Wish You Were Here, supported by Nick Mason, a founding member of the group.

Britain’s most celebrated DJ and electronic dance musician Fatboy Slim performed Right Here Right Now. He will also be on stage at the LGBT pride event in his hometown of Brighton on England’s south coast later this summer.

Comics got a look in too. Russell Brand offered flower-power color. But it was Monty Python’s Eric Idle who stole the show in quirky British style. After failing to be fired from a canon, he got the crowd singing to his classic Python song Always Look on the Bright Side of Life and even managed to give it an Indian dance twist.

A special tribute was paid towards the end of the show to the late Freddie Mercury – the gay (or bisexual, accounts vary) lead singer of Queen who died in 1991.

The musical celebration part of the show was closed by Queen with Jessie J taking the lead-singing role for We Will Rock You.

The professionals were joined by a cast of thousands of volunteers – some of them acting out scenes from an average day in London.

Athletes processed through the spectators to reach the center of the Olympic stadium which was laid out as a giant British flag.

London will now host the Paralympic Games from 29 August to 9 September.

George Michael’s new album White Light has now debuted in the UK charts at number two.



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