Gay teacher forced to move after noose was hung outside her house

Teacher now moving to Brighton after she was subject to six years of homophobic bullying from her neighbors

Gay teacher forced to move after noose was hung outside her house
06 February 2013

A gay teacher is being forced to move after a series of anti-gay threats, including a noose being hung outside her house.

Jacque Frances, 46,  who lives in Canterbury in Kent, England, said she was subject to ‘a catalogue of events’ over a six year period from people in the area.

She said these events included being assaulted and turned down job opportunities because of her sexuality.

Speaking to Gay Star News, she said: ‘It was almost a living hell. I just wish people would let other people live, what’s so wrong with that?’

Frances feels the people in her area, who live in the city known as the heart of the Anglican church, are generally intolerant of gay people.

She spoke to her local member of parliament Julian Brazier, and the police, but said they had done nothing to help.

‘There’s an old kind of conservatism that exists here. People just aren’t accepting of other ways of life’, she said.

After Frances found the noose hanging outside her home, she said it was the last straw.

‘Everybody has faults and initially you try to put it behind you, but there’s only so much you can put up with,’ she said.

Frances has now put her house up for sale and plans to move to Brighton, a seaside city known as the gay capital of the UK.

‘The people there feel free, when I went there before I could sense it. And I think they feel protected by the police. That’s something I never felt where I live now’, she said.

When Gay Star News contacted Kent Police, they admitted to receiving several calls from Frances in the last four months but said she was reluctant for help.

‘Kent Police said they have investigated two incidents and we have made every effort to help and support her’, a spokeswoman said. 



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