Gay teen who planned to lose virginity in art show pulls out

Spoiler alert, at the show a 19-year-old student said he would have sex for the first time - he did not have sex

Gay teen who planned to lose virginity in art show pulls out
03 April 2014

A gay teen who planned to lose his virginity in the ‘name of art’ pulled out, and instead performed something a little different.

Clayton Pettet, a 19-year-old art student, vowed to perform a piece called ‘Art School Stole My Virginity’.

Before the show on 1 April, he claimed he would lose his anal virginity live on stage and then discuss it with the audience afterwards.

Guests were surprised to see it was actually just an elaborate April Fool’s hoax.

A writer from Dazed Digital, who attended the performance in the former BBC London headquarters of 35 Marylebone Gardens, described the actual performance as ‘weird’.

It began by four topless people – one woman, three men – marching out wordlessly holding up signs that read ‘ANAL VIRGIN’.

Pettet, in black pants, had words like NSFW and TEEN WHORE on his body and he scrubbed them off until his skin turned red. One of the men grabbed him and cut chunks of his hair off and a woman daubed black paint over his mouth.

Then, the reporter Zing Tzjeng describes being taken to the ‘penetration booth’ where she could see Pettet inside, in his pants, with two piles of bananas in front of him.

‘I am your anal virgin,’ he said. ‘You are my partner. Pick up a banana.’

Tzjeng said: ‘I immediately started to panic: penetrating a 19-year-old was not on my to-do list tonight, even if it’s with a piece of fruit. “Now penetrate with my mouth eight times”.’

The art student then took the banana out of her hand, snapped it in two, and told her to leave. She left, went to another gallery space, where there were three-foot-high canvases of girls being fingered, hacked-off limbs, and self portraits of Pettet.

Later, Pettet admitted: ‘I’ve always said I didn’t believe in virginity, so it kind of defeats the point if I’d actually lost my virginity for my art show!’

He claims he is ‘still a virgin’ and ‘will never have sex’.

One performance-goer described the show as the ‘finest showcase of media and PR hype as art, a comment on modern day humanity’.

They said: ‘It was a ploy which is in essence a huge commentary on society on their obsession with sex and virginity.

‘It was an exhibition within an exhibition, played out within the exhibition. It would have been so anticlimactic had Clayton just been fucked on stage, the void of this was so much more.

‘It was the biggest “fuck you” and rebellion against the world’s expectations played out artistically and maturely.’

And another, who wrote on Twitter, was less than impressed.

‘So… the #ArtSchoolStoleMyVirginity performance was a little bananas…,’ one said.



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