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Gay teen's teeth pulled out, tortured, murdered in Brazil

Police are on the hunt for a gang of skinheads believed to have targeted a 16-year-old because of his sexuality and race
Kaique Batista dos Santos, 16, had his teeth pulled, tortured and murdered in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Police are on the hunt for a gang who pulled a gay teen’s teeth out, tortured and murdered him in Brazil.

Kaique Batista dos Santos, 16, was found in Sao Paulo battered, bruised with an iron bar still pierced in his leg.

It is alleged authorities originally believed the gay teen committed suicide.

His family fears he was targeted because of his sexuality and race.

Batista dos Santos’ sister Tayna has said: ‘These thugs enjoy beating and torturing with their bare hands and they are pleased to take the lives of homosexuals.

‘He had bruises to his head and was probably kicked to death.’

Batista dos Santos had attended a party at a gay club in downtown Sao Paulo with friends when his phone and wallet was stolen.

At first, his friends thought he had left early because he had to go to work the next day.

But when he didn’t come home and didn’t show up for work, Batista dos Santos’ mother and sister went looking for him for two days before he was discovered on Saturday (12 January).

He was discovered around a mile from the stadium that will host the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony in the summer.

As the body was so disfigured, his family were only allowed to identify the gay teen three days afterwards.

The Department for Public Safety said it would not comment on the torture because the report is ‘confidential’.

Gay rights groups will be holding a vigil to honor the gay teen today, marching from Largo do Arrouche – a square in the city – to where the body was found.

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