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Gay tourism expected to be worth more than $200 billion in 2014

LGBTI market research group Out Now has told the World Travel Market in London this week that it estimates that LGBTIs will spend over $200 billion on travel in 2014
a black sands beach in Hawaii
Photo by Julius Silver

The spending power of LGBTI tourists has been estimated to be worth $202 billion in 2014, a global tourism conference has heard.

LGBTI focused market research company Out Now released their estimates at the World Travel Market in London this week.

The United States was the biggest travel destination with LGBTI tourists expected to spend $56.5 billion there, followed by Brazil where LGBTI tourists were expected to spend $25.3 billion.

The figures echo the results of the LGBT2020 report by global LGBTI market research company Out Now which found that LGBTI travelers spend 57% more than their heterosexual counterparts on travel.

Out Now found LGBTIs to have the largest amount of disposable income of any demographic group.

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