Gay TV presenter Gok Wan to host new dating show

Fashion guru will be hosting 'Baggage', a British version of the American show hosted by Jerry Springer

Gay TV presenter Gok Wan to host new dating show
05 July 2012

Gay television presenter and fashionista Gok Wan is hosting a new dating show for British television.

The fashion guru will be hosting Baggage, an eight-part series due to air later this year.

In the show, already airing in America and Australia, potential partners are picked by contestants who gradually reveal their secrets and flaws.

It could be bad habits like clipping your toenails in bed, strange relationship preferences like demanding your partner should impersonate Elvis Presley in bed, issues with one’s past like being an outlaw in Mexico, or strange hobbies like collecting buttons touched by celebrities.

Secrets are hidden in suitcases and contestants reveal them in order of their small, medium, or large baggage.

Once three contestants have been brought down to one, the picker must reveal a fault of their own.

Channel 4 believes the popular makeover expert could bring a fresh face to dating programs.

Wan has previously presented a series of documentaries on social problems among young people, drawing on his personal experiences with obesity and homophobia.

Check out a video from the American version of Baggage, hosted by Jerry Springer:  



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