Gay Ugandan’s UK detention ordeal continues

Gay refugee avoids deportation from UK to Uganda but remains in high security removal center

Gay Ugandan’s UK detention ordeal continues
04 May 2012 Print This Article

Escorts at the UK’s most secure Border Agency removal centre did not follow through with plans to deport a gay Ugandan asylum seeker today.

As previously reported by Gay Star News 41-year-old Felix Wamala had been booked on a Virgin flight back to Uganda today

But escorts at Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre told him that they would not put him on the plane as they knew he didn’t want to go.

Wamala told Gay Star News: ‘I was in the library and just after 10 am was called to reception. The three escorts said that they were not willing to take me to the plane because they didn’t want to be injured or for me to be injured.’

At 11.30am prisoner offices then told Wamala to pack his bags as he was being moved elsewhere in London.

He explained that his solicitor had an injunction stating that he could stay at Colnbrook.

Wamala refused and was locked in a room for five minutes before a fax confirmed the injunction.

He said: ‘No one told me anything. I feel terrible; they have labelled me as a violent person and I am escorted everywhere by up to three escorts. This doesn’t happen to other detainees. I feel so distressed and paranoid because I really don’t know what is going to happen next.’

Wamala claims that officers open his mail and says that despite putting in a complaint about his treatment on 29 April it hasn’t been answered.

The UK Border Agency may still apply for the injunction to be lifted.



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