Gay underwear model guilty of killing and castrating lover

Renato Seabra convicted of second degree murder after jury rejected claims he was insane when he bludgeoned Carlos Castro to death in New York

Gay underwear model guilty of killing and castrating lover
03 December 2012

A gay underwear model has been found guilty of killing his Portuguese boyfriend, bludgeoning, strangling and castrating him with a corkscrew in a New York hotel.

Renato Seabra, also from Portugal, was convicted of second degree murder after the jury rejected the defence’s argument that the model was insane when he attacked his fashion journalist partner Carlos Castro.

Lawyers for the defendent claimed the 21-year-old mentally snapped as the pair argued for over an hour in their room in the InterContinental hotel, Times Square, on 7 January, 2011.

Seabra told doctors he severed Castro’s testicles in an attempt to remove the ‘evil’ of homosexuality and prevent the ‘virus’ from spreading.

Seabra then applied them to his own slit wrists so that he could ‘harness their power.’

But in her closing arguments at Manhatten’s state supreme court, assistant district attorney Maxine Rosenthal told jurors Seabra acted out of rage.

‘The motive is as clear as if it were written in lights on a Times Square marquee,’ she said, reported the New York Times.

‘It’s about rage. It’s about humiliating and emasculating the victim.’

The prosecution claimed Seabra made up the story about wiping the testicles on his wrists and said the fact he took a shower and took more than $1,500 from Castro’s wallet before he left the room proved he was aware of his actions.

In a statement after the trial, Manhatten district attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said: ‘This was a brutal and sadistic crime, where Renato Seabra bludgeoned, choked, and mutilated his victim before murdering him.

‘But the jury’s verdict now, finally, holds Seabra accountable.’

Seabra now faces 15 years to life imprisonment when he is sentenced next month.



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