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Gay US Congressman Barney Frank hires agent for his life after Congress

'I’m hoping to get paid well to do what I do now for nothing'

As Barney Frank's days as an elected official come to and, the first openly gay member of the US House of Representatives has hired an agent.

The outspoken Frank, 71, has been one of the more colorful personalities in Washington DC over the past three decades and a frequent guests on network and cable political shows.

'I’m hoping to get paid well to do what I do now for nothing,' Frank tells the Washington Post.

To accomplish this, Frank has retained Hollywood super-agent Ari Emanuel to land him paid gigs on television and the lecture circuit.

But don't expect to see Frank on the right-leaning Fox News Channel.

'I have no interest in encouraging people to watch it,' the liberal congressman says of Fox News. 'They’re so overwhelmingly biased that being a voice there a few minutes a week, an hour a week, it lends a legitimacy they don’t deserve.'

Frank already has two book proposals in the works and plans to divide his time between his homes in southern Maine coast and in the Boston area.

The 71-year-old is also a newlywed marrying husband Jim Ready last summer.

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