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Gay US sailor's sweet homecoming is captured in best friend's video diary

After six months at sea, boyfriend is there waiting for a kiss

It's a scene that would not have been possible more than nine months ago.

But in the post-Don't Ask, Don't Tell era, a sailor named Trent was able to step off of the USS Carl Vinson this week after six months at sea and be greeted with a kiss and a hug by his boyfriend Lee.

The reunion was captured in a fun video made Trent's best friend, Aaron (we don't know their last names!), who captured the moments of anticipation waiting for the ship to dock in San Diego and for the sailors to disembark.

As Trent and Lee make their way out of the crowd, Aaron asked the sailor how he felt.

'Extremely happy,' Trent said. 'Ten more months and I can retire.'

Lee asked what he planned to do in 10 months.

Replied Trent: 'Go to Disneyland!'

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