Gay version of ‘Hot or Not’ launched

New site allows you to rate gay men on relative hotness

Gay version of ‘Hot or Not’ launched
06 July 2012

If you’re feeling like confidence in your physical attractiveness could use a boost, this new website might help, or not.

On Gaystagram, created by 23-year-old Pedro Duarte, you can rate the relative attractiveness of gay men.

It’s a similar concept to that of early-2000s internet sensation

Users submit self-portraits taken on hipster photography app Instagram, by tagging them with #gaystagram.

On the site, two photographs are placed head to head and you choose which one you would like to kiss. A number then reveals the percentage of users who agree with you.

If you really like someone you can click on their username, see other photos they have submitted (ei how vain they are) and even start following them on Instagram.

A leaderboard, updated once an hour lists the top 51 rated photos.

The app is from the creators of Kisstagram which uses the same concept to rate women by whether you would like to kiss them. Since it launched in June last year Kisstagram has prompted 380,000 ‘kisses’ (clicks).



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